I get it , you have problems and maybe you think you’ll never find a way out of them and truthfully maybe you’ll not,  but maybe you will . There are so many “maybe ” we stumble onto and that’s the thing about life , you never run out of “maybe” . I know how hopeless everything seems , but nothing is forever , not your problems , not even you  . And if that something keeps  knocking into your head saying ” Give up ” and you’re still here , you are not hopeless , you are strong .  

Funny story , I always wondered why people said suicide was for cowards and living was brave when I was living like a coward and even after all the courage inside of me , I never had the guts to commit suicide . And then one day  I was writing a story about a girl who finds another girl trying to cut through her own veins , I was all into the plot and then I thought about how I thought that the girl trying to end her life was stupid , and then I knew, I was not a coward to not have done that but instead  I was intelligent and intelligent is my brave.

 I know , I talk a lot in cliches but that’s the thing our lives are , cliches because so many people have had lived through the same and so many have not , we know exactly how many ways our lives can go , we know so many roads ALREADY .Giving up dosen’t mean ending your life , it means crushing all the “maybe “of a better life . 

The way I thought about it was- I want to escape something that hasn’t happened yet . What is the worst that could happen? ( * over thinking triggers * ) . And if the worst of worst happened , I could always escape it then ? But if I escape now then I escape the million possibilities of something not so miserable happening to me and maybe the possibility of the the best of best that could happen to me . I don’t know this keeps me going .I hope it does you too.  🙂 



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