Judging People 

Do you judge people ? 

If you say no . Just run into the arms of God and thank him/her (I am not a sexist -_- ) , that you are not Pinocchio , because god damn if you were , we would have a new Himalayan peak and how would you wear your  favourite “I am a liar ” quoted T-shirt ?

Okay my sense of humour sucks ! Anyway .

Is is a bad thing to judge people ? I think not . 

What is bad though , is letting it out of your head . You think , I am fat ? I am and I know it. But do you need to remind me of that by fat shaming me ? Yeah ? Check your To-Do list again . Did you find it there ? BRO ? 

And if you want to really get out of your busy schedule of just adding on Carbon dioxide to this beautiful planet and come to me and fat shame me , Do you think I am going to chew in your hate and spit some rainbows on you ? Hell no !

I am not a scientist and neither do I know much about life because I have been here for only 18 years ,1 month and 6 days but it is an easy observation and a concept you learn in high school  :- 

” Energy cannot be created or destroyed , it can only be converted from one form to another ”
So when  you throw shit (negative energy )at me (or any normal human being) , I am going to throw it back at you or somebody else . Because you know what? Converting negative energy into positive vibes takes time and effort and love , all of which I consumed in healing myself from the bruise that you gave me .

This is how hate spreads around the globe .

“Oh I hate dark people ! ” ( Uses fake tan ) 

“Oh ! White people are such snobs .” ( Uses fairness creams ) 

And we are all a series of resistors in this process of letting hate flow , it is not possible to fuse yourself but just try to increase your resistivity , hate slows down. 

P.S. : I don’t believe in right or wrong anymore , but I do in love and hate and we need both , but the propotion is going right out of our hands. 

“The world maybe filled with hate , but keep erasing it now , somehow ” -Ed sheeean (Eraser)


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