Vent 1

Today, I cried and people say crying feels good. Does it really? I mean, I feel like something is off me, but I feel weak. I have been trying so hard to not cry yet I go around telling people I am caught up in a mess, never to tell them what mess. And I know how much it’d suck if  I was in their shoes. 

But, the thing is I don’t think nobody cares, I mean they do, but not enough. I will never be someone’s best friend or the person they like the best in this world. Never. And fair enough, I truly don’t deserve (not saying it for the sake of saying).

And everything, just about everything about my life comes to one conclusion… Why do I not want to die so bad that I really can do something about it? Do I not want it  that bad? What am I scared of? I was not afraid of hurting my parents a few months back, I am now, why did I not do it then?

And the thing about telling people it is tough, I need to stop it don’t I. The title of this blog is Vent 1, but what have I ever done here than to vent?! 

See the thing is, I don’t want to tell people anything that goes inside my head, but I do have my triggers, I am only human. Idk what it makes them think of me. I had think I am an attention whore, am I? Well most probably yes. But what do I do so I can hold everything to myself? Tell me, what the fuck do I do?


Bad Life

I think I use the word “anxiety” or “crying” a little too often, so often that people think I don’t mean them. I don’t even know if people think about me. And I am mentally and physically breaking down, I WANT TO SHOUT and SCREAM and cry and just ask someone for hugs, because know what? I can’t, I can’t do it on my own anymore. I want to die but I don’t want to put in efforts and how do I ever explain myself to someone other? I have tried and it just gets worse, I don’t even know how I feel, because my health has been worse than ever and my mind is a shitty place and friends don’t understand and family? family is already bothered. 

The only thing I have ever been good at is bothering people, and I can think about all of that I have made everyone go through and FUCK! Only if I did not exist so many lives would have been so much better. And someone told me that I am ungrateful for not acknowledging how better I am than before and tbh, I am worse than I ever was, I sure did move on from some shit and I sure as hell am grateful but I always find myself new problems, ONE AFTER THE ANOTHER and really can’t deal with these on my own, can’t tell people about them either. What the hell do I do? What do I do, if not die? 

And when I think about dying, I can’t stand all the hurt it will cause, I don’t think anybody except my parents would notice I am gone after a month or two, but I have been such a pain in the ass to them, they were never the best parents and they could have done some things so much differently and they do hurt me a lot and they probably think I don’t give a shit about them, but I wish I could tell them, I might not love them for what they did to me but I care and I always will. How can I not? 

And people ask me what will make me feel better? Well, not life for sure, Nothing can take back what I have already been through, and maybe people have it worse but How do I stop having these flashblacks and breaking down? You know what I actually feel like, all the time? I feel like when you have stage fear and are made to stand on the stage in front of so many people. Know that rush of anxiety? I feel that all the damn time! When did it get so bad? Why can’t a truck just hit me? How do I escape life?

Can I be honest for once and tell everyone that MY LIFE HAS BEEN SO BAD, Idek what else could go wrong, I mean I know, but you get me? I just want to restart, and really thought college will be that new start but NO! WHEN DOES ANYTHING EVER GO LIKE YOU  PLANNED?  It is the same god damn stupid ass life and who makes it this way? Me! So whom do I kill? Me? 

I wish I can blame it on other people, I do blame it on my Mom, but she only tried her best and Dad too, I am grateful for all the good times and I am not really mad about the bad times, sometimes I think if I was mad enough, I would not have to feel this disgust, because I have been wronged and I should be mad about it, I KNOW, but I so need to stop putting myself their shoes and just feel what I need to feel, I need to stop pushing myself to the extremes of becoming a nice person because I am not a nice person and I am not good at it either , so I just need to be the unkind me, maybe.



I wait for the clock to hit 11:11 twice a day , daily . Wishing , I don’t have to be here to wait anymore. 

The past few months have been tough , and I have tried my hardest to be tough . To not talk to people about , how fucking hard my life is getting . I know I most probably have clinical depression and that nothing can make me feel better and I think this is great . Because when ,I only had depression because of my “shitty life ” , I  knew I could get better . But now , I can’t and it is like something I’ll have to live with forever , I don’t even feel like depressed anymore . I feel just like a dam trying too hard to keep depression away from my mind . I don’t know how long it would be before , I break down . 

I have tried self talk and positive talks and “get over it” talk and I am seriously better but I feel like I am forcing it onto myself , to be happy , when I really am not . Or maybe I just don’t want to feel better , because sometimes , I crave depression and I start trying to get back to being the sad person I was . Sometimes , I’ll just be sitting there , just fine and then suddenly , I want to feel that hollow feeling , I would go to extremes for that . 

I have more drafts than the blogs I published because I just can’t get over the ” I am not good enough ” phase . So Tonight I am going to wait for the clock to hit 11:11 again and wish for me to love myself . 

Peace .


Dear Moon 

I looked at the moon ,

I looked at the stars ,

Nothing .

In my brain there are thousands and millions  of wars ,

” What if they think I am ugly ? ” 

“What if nobody likes me ? ” 

“What if all my life I stay lonely ?” 

There was a time , the moon could cure .

But now maybe , it isn’t itself sure .

I get it .

I am hard .

I am complicated .

You give up right ? 

I thought like you helped the sky glow bright and fear away its dark night .

I thought maybe , you could help me not cry .

I look at you ,

Bright but pale .

Just like me .

We make the perfect irony .

Trying to light up the sky ,

When the sun is firing right at our backs .

This is sad .

They say you and I have stars .

Little do they know , they are thousand miled apart .

Just a fake shadow , to let them not know .

I will tell you a secret ,

I am just like you. 

I start up as a full moon ,

I am half until its noon ,

And then I disappear in night’s loom .

I have scars , just like you .

Reminder of all those wars ,

But you’re beautiful .

They say your scars make you prettier .

But mine ? 

They keep telling me ways to let them disappear .

You have thousands of me ,

Loving you ,undoubtedly 

But me ? I am lonely .

I am the one to blame .

I shouldn’t have been ugly .

Right ? I am sorry .

I look at you , hiding behind the clouds .

Like vapour could help you somehow .

Just like me. 

We make the perfect irony. 


Depression is haunting me again …

I have been baffled if I should write or not . I want to , but I feel like I do this to validate myself with the likes and followers I have here …That maybe I am an attention seeker , maybe depression is just an excuse .

But if it was an excuse , why do I physically feel my heart breaking and my lungs fighting to breathe ? Is it normal ? Can you feel your heart breaking , out of the blue ? Do you sometimes forget to breathe ,too ? I just want to know …

I’ll tell you the truth , I wrote in one of my blogs that if you try to keep yourself happy , you become happy eventually , truthfully it works , but sometimes ,I know I will never heal and I don’t want my life to be a game of play-pretend . 

I wanted my blog to be an escape , to be my way to helping others out of their depression … But I am shit … I am an attention seeker , right ? I know , and truthfully , I do need attention and I do need help , because I can’t do it anymore …I can’t help myself out . 

I keep telling my friends that they’ll be fine , when I know I’ll be not . I wish somebody cared enough to ask me if I am okay ? and meant it . But people don’t care about ugly ,fat attention seekers.  

You know what I’ll be fine . Maybe writing is not what I’m good at , but I like writing more than I do living , well I hate living , I would take death in a heartbeat , life is bad , I’ll never recover . I ‘ll be a piece of trash everyone hates and I’ll always seek my happiness through likes and followers .

I know this probably does not make any sense to you … Lol … My exsistence doesn’t either ? What a co – incidence .. or is it ? 


Maze of thoughts 

Even stars line together at night ,

Into shapes , making sense .

So I stay awake all night ,

Hoping the same for my thoughts .

 I close my eyes 

and dive into the sea of words not spoken .

It just gets scarier each day  ,

because my nightmares always turn into reality !

Escaping my thoughts is like being in a pool ,

and not hoping to feel water .

Pain is okay ,

Nothing is not .

And I feel nothing at all !

Just an empty void in my chest …

And sometimes I want to 

Take my heart and throw it away ,

Because it hurts so  much somedays 

I don’t know why I think it would make me feel okay ?!

I want to die ,

But I still fear height and falling ,

So I guess I don’t want to die just yet .

But then breathing exhausts me .

Caring hurts me .

And hatred breaks my heart !

So I just collapse in the dark ,

With tears up my throat 

Too weak to be strong .

Too strong to cry ,

And too afraid of height to fly !



Her Eyes 

They tell her, she has beautiful eyes .Big , Dark , Long curled eyelashes and dominant eyebrows. She always thanks them for their “compliment ” , her curse . And at home she goes in front of the mirror and stares right into her own eyes , they seem lifeless to her   . She dosen’t dare to look at anything but her eyes , because her eyes are her only hope to find beauty in . But she can see her face , she can see all her flaws , she dosen’t want to . She just sits there staring .

 Chapped lips , from all the times she got anxious and couldn’t help but bite them . Her sunburnt skin , because putting on a sunscreen is too much work for her , she is not patient anymore . She looks  at her arms , cuts , scars , cuts , bruises , cuts , she is so careless . Her imaginary cat has gone crazy .  She looks at her body , no ! she looks away instantly , stretch marks run along her body like maps , maps ? To everything she ever ate . Her nails are not painted , they are not even the same size , they are all the wrong size , she is the wrong size .

Tears roll down her “beautiful ” eyes , tracing their way to her chaped lips , its like rain in a drought .  But she keeps staring , and it hurts so bad , she wishes she didn’t have eyes to see , see THIS . Her curse .


You are not charity .

Forgive people they said , I did . Move on they said , I did .  Is it why I am so empty ? 
Sometimes people break your heart , not because they are evil but they do not give as much as they take  , sucking on to your inner self they breed over your life like fungus . You’ll think , ” Oh , that’s green , How lucky am I ?”  but sooner or later you realise its fungus, you’ll curse yourself for letting it grow , for not being sensible enough , you’ll curse the fungus for being a traitor . Okay now wait ! The fungus was always the fungus , It had done everything it could to let itself grow and you let it , so  before you forgive the fungus ,forgive yourself .

Let me untangle for you what fungus is as a human . They are the people you have fun with but as soon as you’re in trouble or need someone to listen to you , they back off , They will always do the minimal though , call you once in a week , text you and tell you constantly they care . They care , about all you have to give and all they can take. 

We are all fungus to someone else , to our parents  , to our teachers and this is okay but some of us disguise ourselves as ”  green “, as givers and take away everything . And I think that is what hurts , people taking away , when you thought they were giving in too . But they are always those stubborn people who never pay you back and you ? You love them so fucking much , that you start telling yourself that it was their,what they took . That you deserved this heartache , that you deserved this broken heart and that this will leave you stronger than you were.  But you didn’t deserve heartache and not everything makes you stronger . It just makes you less reckless , more insecure and leaves you with trust issues.  You call that strong ? 

So next when someone refuses to pay you back and tries to run away with a piece of your heart , you , yes you have every fucking right to slap them accross their face and take what is yours . You my dear , don’t deserve pain and they don’t deserve you . And you don’t have to give away yourself to make someone happy , I promise you they’ll find someone else and then they will give and take just as they should . You don’t have to be a charity .