Will you ?

I can be your friend but will you be my friend ? 

I am hard sometimes , do you like working hard ? 

I am not easy to keep , do you know how to hold on tight ? 

I will try to walk away , do you like to run ? 

I will fall , are you a good catch ? 

I will not say I love you , do you know how to feel ? 

I will think I am not good enough for you , do you give the best hugs ? 

I have anxiety , will you love me as much as you do  now ?

I self harmed for a while , are you brave enough to see the scars ? 

My heart has been locked for a while now , are you okay standing out, waiting until I find the key ? 

I will not let you touch my heart , but will you protect it anyway ? 

I get nightmares , will you be my day dream ? 

And even if you are not all of this , will you atleast try ? 


Poetry : Goodbye World .

My mind is killing my soul !

 All I seem to do is try and be bold . 

Smile, breathe, Cry repeat  ?

Chin up self esteem to ground ,

Wings wide  ? when every single thought is a tide ,

Life is an upside down rollar coaster ride .

 I smile and I laugh , I am happy for a while but deep down ,I sigh .

This world is not my place …

I don’t belong to this chase .

I thought maybe I will fit in someday,

 But I am too fat they say .

” Run! Run ! ” They cheer, but I am losing my breath .

My heart is working too hard to not shatter, But it does anyway .

Its not that I hate the world…

 But I do not love myself enough.

 I don’t say I am the only one to have it rough,

 But maybe I am the only one to not have the strength ?

 because life dosen’t seem to work out not today , not tomorrow not anyhow.

 Don’t tell me they have it worse I know that and it only makes me feel terrible !  

I should fight ! Right ? 

Don’t you think I tried ?

 This ocean of tears is nobody’s hobby ,

Its something all of us fear …

to be potrayed as weak .

We all want to take over this world ,

To catch every diamond ,

but fear the cut .

Life has lost its meaning …

To me you ask ? 

It is fog here of racism , sexism and many other isms and I suffocate .

It works 2 ways , either I accept it as the reality and learn to breathe this air of hate , Or maybe stop myself and not breathe ?

You ‘ll say I should try and help the world change ?!

And you maybe right , I believe in everybody’s voice …

But I want to be kinda selfish today .

 I am weak I cannot stand hate 

I cannot stand my own face . 

Let alone having the dream to lead this human race .

 So I bid you all a farewell ,

Hope ya ‘all learn to adjust or maybe stand against it someday …

But not me ,not today . 

Good bye world . 

Its too late …