Will you ?

I can be your friend but will you be my friend ? 

I am hard sometimes , do you like working hard ? 

I am not easy to keep , do you know how to hold on tight ? 

I will try to walk away , do you like to run ? 

I will fall , are you a good catch ? 

I will not say I love you , do you know how to feel ? 

I will think I am not good enough for you , do you give the best hugs ? 

I have anxiety , will you love me as much as you do  now ?

I self harmed for a while , are you brave enough to see the scars ? 

My heart has been locked for a while now , are you okay standing out, waiting until I find the key ? 

I will not let you touch my heart , but will you protect it anyway ? 

I get nightmares , will you be my day dream ? 

And even if you are not all of this , will you atleast try ? 


13 reasons Why ? 

I read the book last year and I really don’t have a clear picture of what I read but I do remember how I felt ? 


There are some book like John Green says , that you can’t keep to yourself and you want every human being to read it and there are some other books that you just want to keep to yourself because they are so awfully beautiful . “13 reasons why?” was both to me . After I read the book , I felt devasted , on the top of the devastated I already was . And I wanted everyone to read it , to know how I felt . How difficult it is sometimes and How small things can truly fuck with someone’s life . 

You never know what damage you are doing to someone . And you don’t get to choose  when someone tells you , you hurt them . 

When I read the book and when I saw the series a year after , I felt the same  , like someone just told everyone how fucked up I am .Like it was not Hannah , but me . Even though our stories are different , the way we feel is the same .

People treat you like shit , because they can’t handle their fucking shit .

You know what people like Hannah and I need ? To be listened to , to be fought for , to be told that maybe we are fucked up but you’ll stay by our side FOREVER  and for you to say all this and mean it .

But people say a lot and do very less . Not having hope sucks , but hopes being crushed on kills . Not being told I love you sucks , but being told I love you and being forgotten about kills .

I hate when someone tells me they love me , wait you don’t love ” me ” , you love parts of me . You like the me , who never leaves you when you’re sad . The one that is so stupid . The one who laughs through it all . But where are you when I am sad ? When I don’t want to live anymore ? Where are you when I am fighting all alone wishing I was not alone ? YOU DON’T GET TO SAY I LOVE YOU WHEN YOU DON’T MEAN IT ! I am so sick of being told things.  I literally have lost faith that something good will ever come my way . I just keep giving life chances , that maybe someday , it’ll suck a little less . 

I wish I was Hannah , I wish I could just give up and not hope anymore .But I have hopes  , no matter what  .

Maybe I am bad person to deserve this , but I never told anyone I loved them and then left them to cry because I wasn’t brave enough to love all parts of them .

I will listen to anybody on anyday , but I don’t get listened to enough .

Peace ✌


Judging People 

Do you judge people ? 

If you say no . Just run into the arms of God and thank him/her (I am not a sexist -_- ) , that you are not Pinocchio , because god damn if you were , we would have a new Himalayan peak and how would you wear your  favourite “I am a liar ” quoted T-shirt ?

Okay my sense of humour sucks ! Anyway .

Is is a bad thing to judge people ? I think not . 

What is bad though , is letting it out of your head . You think , I am fat ? I am and I know it. But do you need to remind me of that by fat shaming me ? Yeah ? Check your To-Do list again . Did you find it there ? BRO ? 

And if you want to really get out of your busy schedule of just adding on Carbon dioxide to this beautiful planet and come to me and fat shame me , Do you think I am going to chew in your hate and spit some rainbows on you ? Hell no !

I am not a scientist and neither do I know much about life because I have been here for only 18 years ,1 month and 6 days but it is an easy observation and a concept you learn in high school  :- 

” Energy cannot be created or destroyed , it can only be converted from one form to another ”
So when  you throw shit (negative energy )at me (or any normal human being) , I am going to throw it back at you or somebody else . Because you know what? Converting negative energy into positive vibes takes time and effort and love , all of which I consumed in healing myself from the bruise that you gave me .

This is how hate spreads around the globe .

“Oh I hate dark people ! ” ( Uses fake tan ) 

“Oh ! White people are such snobs .” ( Uses fairness creams ) 

And we are all a series of resistors in this process of letting hate flow , it is not possible to fuse yourself but just try to increase your resistivity , hate slows down. 

P.S. : I don’t believe in right or wrong anymore , but I do in love and hate and we need both , but the propotion is going right out of our hands. 

“The world maybe filled with hate , but keep erasing it now , somehow ” -Ed sheeean (Eraser)

Self Help, Thoughts

Will I be missed ?

Walking away from people you love is not the best thing in the world  . But just sometimes you have to put yourself ahead of everything else and the move the hell on .

When you love someone , you care and you only have a certain amount of care , so when you care about someone else  , you start to care a little less about yourself and you start dripping off your “care ” package . But people leave , dead or alive , they leave and then you are left there with an empty bottle of  ” care ”  ,filling it with pathetic .  And this is my worst nightmare ever , being walked on .

I will rather walk away myself than feeling miserable because then I ‘ll know what I did it for,  but when people leave , there never is an explanation to that . I never tell anyone ” Hey you , I love you and I am afraid , I might loose you because someday you ‘ll realise how ugly and pathetic I am “. No , I don’t say that and I don’t think anyone does . And even if someone ever told me this I will never believe it because , I am a pathetic loser and I will always wonder what I did wrong . And I don’t want to  . 

Also when I leave , I know it will be less of an  issue to them than it will be to me when they leave . I need to watch the casualities , Don’t I ? I wonder if it ever is an issue because I somehow know how to trick people into thinking that they were the ones to walk on me . People are so damn gullible . And shit ! I wish I didn’t always have to be the bad person , when I am not . I wish someone saw deep into me .

And most of the times when I try to walk away , it is like I was holding onto a helium balloon and you know it sucks to find out that people don’t give a shit about you . It sucks when you are down for them , for like years and they are just about cheese , when you believe in walking volcanoes with . When you  pull off for a second and they just run away from you . And it sucks that it is not just one person , but everyone I know . And now I think maybe I will leave them the hell alone but I know  even on their slightest call , I will be head over heels , even when I hate to be . I am still trying to loosen the grip , my grip , because I love my helium balloons .

Our lives are like houses , it can contain certain amount of people .You can’t be everybody’s and you can’t have everybody . So, I don’t want to stay in these houses and block the way of people who can make them into home , also I don’t want to keep people who don’t feel like home with me .With people now , I feel like they are stuck with me and want help to get out of my life , I ‘ll open the door .

It is one of the toughest time for me , I wish someone could tell me , if just evacuating my house all at once is a good idea ? 



I get it , you have problems and maybe you think you’ll never find a way out of them and truthfully maybe you’ll not,  but maybe you will . There are so many “maybe ” we stumble onto and that’s the thing about life , you never run out of “maybe” . I know how hopeless everything seems , but nothing is forever , not your problems , not even you  . And if that something keeps  knocking into your head saying ” Give up ” and you’re still here , you are not hopeless , you are strong .  

Funny story , I always wondered why people said suicide was for cowards and living was brave when I was living like a coward and even after all the courage inside of me , I never had the guts to commit suicide . And then one day  I was writing a story about a girl who finds another girl trying to cut through her own veins , I was all into the plot and then I thought about how I thought that the girl trying to end her life was stupid , and then I knew, I was not a coward to not have done that but instead  I was intelligent and intelligent is my brave.

 I know , I talk a lot in cliches but that’s the thing our lives are , cliches because so many people have had lived through the same and so many have not , we know exactly how many ways our lives can go , we know so many roads ALREADY .Giving up dosen’t mean ending your life , it means crushing all the “maybe “of a better life . 

The way I thought about it was- I want to escape something that hasn’t happened yet . What is the worst that could happen? ( * over thinking triggers * ) . And if the worst of worst happened , I could always escape it then ? But if I escape now then I escape the million possibilities of something not so miserable happening to me and maybe the possibility of the the best of best that could happen to me . I don’t know this keeps me going .I hope it does you too.  🙂 



Poetry : Goodbye World .

My mind is killing my soul !

 All I seem to do is try and be bold . 

Smile, breathe, Cry repeat  ?

Chin up self esteem to ground ,

Wings wide  ? when every single thought is a tide ,

Life is an upside down rollar coaster ride .

 I smile and I laugh , I am happy for a while but deep down ,I sigh .

This world is not my place …

I don’t belong to this chase .

I thought maybe I will fit in someday,

 But I am too fat they say .

” Run! Run ! ” They cheer, but I am losing my breath .

My heart is working too hard to not shatter, But it does anyway .

Its not that I hate the world…

 But I do not love myself enough.

 I don’t say I am the only one to have it rough,

 But maybe I am the only one to not have the strength ?

 because life dosen’t seem to work out not today , not tomorrow not anyhow.

 Don’t tell me they have it worse I know that and it only makes me feel terrible !  

I should fight ! Right ? 

Don’t you think I tried ?

 This ocean of tears is nobody’s hobby ,

Its something all of us fear …

to be potrayed as weak .

We all want to take over this world ,

To catch every diamond ,

but fear the cut .

Life has lost its meaning …

To me you ask ? 

It is fog here of racism , sexism and many other isms and I suffocate .

It works 2 ways , either I accept it as the reality and learn to breathe this air of hate , Or maybe stop myself and not breathe ?

You ‘ll say I should try and help the world change ?!

And you maybe right , I believe in everybody’s voice …

But I want to be kinda selfish today .

 I am weak I cannot stand hate 

I cannot stand my own face . 

Let alone having the dream to lead this human race .

 So I bid you all a farewell ,

Hope ya ‘all learn to adjust or maybe stand against it someday …

But not me ,not today . 

Good bye world . 

Its too late …